A New Era As New And Exciting Products Enter The Events Market

The events industry is once again taking off and like many industries, it is doing so with a difference. Many establishments especially Restaurants and hospitality are still running on less staff but are making up for this by utilizing robots in their every day running experiences.

As well as Delivery Robots such as Amy Waitress, the Eva Photography Robot is going down a storm and acting much in the same way as a traditional photo booth would except it will roam autonomously, interact with guests and take fantastic pictures.

The Table selfie has also seen increased sales with many hiring both the table selfie and the Photo booth for evening entertainment especially at weddings. The table selfie positioned in the middle of the table will take instant photographs as party goers spin the selfie 360 degree’s to capture the perfect selfie. This is both great entertainment for guests but it also provides lasting memories for the Bride and Groom in the way of pictures after their event.

Many who already have an existing photo booth hire company are already investing in the table selfie option to offer their customers alongside the Photo booth.

The events market has changed over the years but it is probably seeing the most remarkable changes as we enter a new and exciting time. Many businesses have had to adapt to new ways of working and in doing so, they have found better ways and insiders predict, we will see many more fantastic products come onto the market.

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