Photobooths install Bierschenke Selfie Pod

This week, Photobooths have installed a branded Selfie Pod for Bierschenke,  London’s only authentic Munich beer hall, serving a collection of German beer and German food.

Bierschenke, located near Liverpool Street, London, brings a sense of Germany to London with their basement bar, known in Germany as a “bierkeller.” The bar is split over two floors with a cosy seating area upstairs and large beer hall seating 300 people downstairs.

The Selfie Pod installation inside Bierschenke marks the start of the massive celebration, Oktoberfest – A huge beer festival taking place in London full of the spirit of Germany.

Photobooths manufactured the branded Selfie Pod in house, in addition to making a few modifications along the way. Extras included branding panels, and installing a coin acceptor to allow payment for photos. We also ensured all panels were fixed solidly to ensure protection from customers.

Customers will be able to insert coins or tokens and capture a high quality selfie . They will be able to upload photos to social media; Facebook, Twitter, Email, or press print to receive an instant 6×4″ print.

All prints will be completely branded with a custom border and logo, great for marketing and promoting the Bierschenke and the festival.

Bierschenke branded selfie pod

The branded Selfie Pod was delivered to London by Dave, who also provided a complete training session on site to ensure the staff were fully competent in how to use the equipment and how to maintain it in the future.

Whilst completing the training, celebrations of the Oktoberfest launch were live and loud. Barmaids dressed in the traditional dirndl dresses,  and male staff presented themselves in the traditional Bavarian gear including lederhosen. The first keg of Oktoberfest beer was opened with a cheer!

Take a look at some of the pictures, we can’t wait to see some of the results:

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