Blow Up Photobooth

The blow up photobooth is the very latest in photobooth technology, setting up with the touch of a single button. When it is not in use the blow up booth is stored in its box form, which is around waist high.

When you get a booking simply take the booth along to the venue, place it in the required position and it will work perfectly well as a pod. However for that full, enclosed photobooth experience all you need to do is plug the system into the mains and press the setup button. The booth then inflates to accommodate around 10-12 people using the blow up element of the system.

The major advantage over more traditional photobooth is versatility to cater for both pod and full photobooth events, ease of setup and ease of storage. The booth can also be left unattended.

The new blow up system does not go short on features either, it has Facial Recognition on board, Green Screen and also has the ability to take a variety of photo styles including magazine covers, 4 way photos and strip prints.

Manual raise £2999+VAT Electric power £3798+VAT

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