Introducing the Magic Photo Business Card

As business professionals we all know about the power, and sometimes the potential tedium, of networking. As valuable as it is it can sometimes be a mountain of samey business cards from contacts that leave you counting sheep and make it very tough to be memorable when it is you trying to establish a relationship.

Not anymore. Thanks to our amazing Magic Photo Business Card system your contacts will never forget you again by playing a video advertising your business when they hover their mobile phone over your card!

How the business card system works


How the system works is you record your video (anything up to 30 seconds long) which is then saved to our server and your business card is set as the trigger. Then using our special Magic Photo app your contact hovers their phone over your business and voila! The video begins.

You can download a full overview of how the system works here including where to find the app and an example photo card for you to see the magic for yourself.

For a limited time the cost per video has been reduced £245 to just £145 per year so get in touch to book yours!

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