Marketing-Staying Ahead With Your Photo Booth Business.

Events are once more taking place and although restrictions still apply across many venue’s, Pubs, Restaurants and Wedding venues are once again starting to operate.  There has never been a better time to look at your Marketing strategies when it comes to your photo booth hire business. Marketing plays a huge role in the growth of your business and there are very specific things you need to work on to ensure your business stays current and visible.

Many talk of word of mouth business and it is true that you will get repeat custom if you do a good job but you should never underestimate the importance of making that lasting impression with every photo booth event you do.  Always examine how your business can stand out from the crowd and what you can offer to ensure your customers remember you and your staff.

Always keep your photo booth software current and ensure you have the latest updates that are available.  If your software is old and outdated then you may lose out on Custom to other businesses in the area who offer more.

If you are struggling to get bookings on certain days,  especially week days, think of options where you can offer your photo booth for free at charity events or corporate events. Although initially you won’t be receiving any income, you will get noticed and this gives you invaluable exposure. If the event is a success, you are more than likely to gain extra business next time.

Always stay ahead of your Ad words campaigns and always review them every week, many leave them to run for many weeks, wasting considerable income in the mean- time. Always engage with customers on social media and always do this regularly, customers will appreciate the extra effort to engage and are more likely to use your services again.

Always be one step ahead and look at new and novel ways to add to your Packages, this may be adding a Candy Cart or a Photography Robot. If you have something a little different, customers will want to book you and this gives you the edge on your competition.

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