sponsors Stourbridge Rugby Club’s ‘Clash of the Titans’

Every year at Stourbridge Rugby Club a traditional battle between current and former players takes place when the Greyhounds meet the Grasshoppers. This year’s clash happened on Friday 15th May and was proudly sponsored by us here at

The players took to the field wearing shirts emblazoned with our logo and set to work with the important business of the evening, namely knocking lumps out of one another.

The start of the match was a close affair but after a while the superior fitness of the Greyhounds players began to make a difference on the scoreboard.

When the gap between the teams became more than the Grasshoppers were likely to be able to overturn the match became more light-hearted with the fancy skills being broken out, though not many of them went well. The score at the end of the clash was 58 – 13 to the Hounds.

The chosen charitable cause for this year’s game was the Cystic Fibrosis Trust which will be benefitting from the £2000 raised at the event.

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