Staying Ahead In The Photo Booth Market.

Photo booth hire remains a popular way to entertain guests at any event and the future Market of Photo Booths and Magic mirrors remains positive. The photo booth businesses that will do the best will remain flexible within the Photo Booth market and add different products to their business to make their hire more attractive to Customers.


The Table Selfie is a popular product and can be added to your photo booth packages, Party hosts will often hire both Photo Booth and the Table Selfie as part of a package. The table selfie is a great way to entertain your guests and is placed on the tables where it can take a photo at any angle. It is a great way for guests to interact with each other and have some fun but it’s also a novel way for the Bride and Groom to have some lasting memories long after the event has ended.


The Eva Photography Robot has become incredibly popular recently and is great for any event including Weddings, Birthday Parties or Proms.  The Photography Robot will autonomously roam and interact with guests, Photographs can be printed from a print station in the room or shared. The Photography Robot has an integrated touch screen which can be customized with greetings, logo’s or Branded Video’s.


The Photography Robot certainly adds the Wow factor to any event and if you invest in one and are able to offer your Customers something a little different, your business will certainly stand out from the crowd. Photo Booths and Magic mirrors will remain popular but so will other products coming into the market such as the Eva Photography Robot.  As a business if you are able to offer different packages and different products to your customers, you will stay ahead in this popular Market.

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