Staying Ahead With Your Photo Booth Business.

A Wedding or event wouldn’t be the same without the hire of a photo booth or magic mirror and if you attend many functions, you will know there will almost certainly be one at the event.


Many worry that the photo booth or magic mirror market is flooded and it is no longer a viable business opportunity when in fact the opposite is true. With the increased demand, there has never been a better time to set up a business hiring magic mirrors and photo booths as long as you can offer the absolute best service.


The first aspect to consider is being able to offer something a little different and having a range of products which includes a magic mirror, photo booth and one of the new products Eva Photo Robot’s. Having something a little different that you can offer your customers will make you stand out from competitors.


The Eva Photo Robot will autonomously roam around a venue interacting with your guests, taking photo’s which can be shared or printed in the room. Many Party Hosts will not only book the photo booth but will also invest in your other products too. The Eva Photo Robot is wowing guests with its ability to interact and roam autonomously around Venue’s and this is the kind of reaction you need in order to get those bookings.


Its really important to remember that the Photo booth industry will naturally evolve and software including products will change and if you can keep up with those changes and make sure you can offer what your customers want, you will be at the top of your game.




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