Mirror Expiry Key

Note: This feature is only available to Magic Mirror Softare installed or Updated from 25th May 2021

Please Enter Your Magic Mirror's Serial Number:

Please note that Serial Numbers have to be exact, they are usually 6 characters long (details of where to find this in the Magic Mirror are shown below).

Note: The Serial Number has to be exact.

Creating a Magic Mirror Expiration Code.
The above allows you to create a magic mirror expiration key that you can enter without connecting your Mirror to the Internet.
All you need is your Magic Mirror Serial Number and a Mobile phone (or you can do it a few days before when checking your Mirror out).

This can be found within Admin of the Magic Mirror Software located either bottom left in the Admin, or within the About Tab then Details and Expiration Key sub tab in a box on the top right.
The serial keys are usually 6 numbers.

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