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On Mobiles scroll down for PB Pro and Mac Options.

Magic Mirror Help – Videos

Click Here For Help Renewing the Magic Mirror Expiry Key.

NEW – Offline Magic Mirror Expiration Update (new software version only)

Updates available for Video Usage Magic Mirror Update when you have a support package.

Updated Magic Mirror – VIDEO SETS

Magic Mirror Calibration

Magic Mirror Printer Setup

User Guide Part 1

User Guide Part 2

User Guide Part 3

User Guide Part 4

Mirror Electrical Setup Part 1

Mirror Electrical Setup Part 2

Changing Screen Resolution

Preview Image Upside Down

Copy an Event to USB

360 PhotoBooth Standalone Help Videos.
Select a Video for runthrough of Contents, Assembly and Control.



360 Control

Video Sets Dimensions

Opener: 1080 x 1920 – Filename: opener_video.wmv
Message: 608 x 120 – Filename: areyouready.wmv
Single Shot: 514 x 298 – Filename: singleshot.wmv
Multiple Shot: 514 x 298 – Filename: multpleshot.wmv
Take Photo: 1080 x 1920 – Filename: 321.wmv
Multiple Between: 1080 x 1920 – Filename: between_multiple.wmv
After Photo: 1080 x 1920 – Filename: after_321.wmv
Print: 514 x 298 – Filename: printcolour.wmv
Print BW: 514 x 298 – Filename: print_bw.wmv
Cancel: 514 x 298 – Filename: cancel.wmv
Email: 514 x 298 – Filename: email.wmv
Text: 514 x 298 – Filename: sms.wmv

Video sets are located in the Pictures >> videos folder.
Name a folder the video set you would like and populate that folder with filenames of relevant videos.
File formats are WMV (Windows Media Video).

Convert Videos to WMV

Creating Video Software

Premier Pro (2020) Full Tutorial for beginners

Learn [Adobe] After Effects 2020: For Beginners

Adobe Animate [Adobe Flash] The Absolute Basics

Stock Video’s Sources

FREE Video Stock (for use as backgrounds)
Videos will likely need to be rotated.

PBPro Help

PBPro Guide (Windows)

PBPro GreenScreen Help

Warning: Updating OS X (Mac) causes issues with Touch Screen Drivers. Please refrain from updating the Operating System as the Touch Screen will become un-responsive.
Warning: Updates on Older Mac Mini’s may not be able to be updated correctly to the new Operating System due to older hardware, updates also have a requirement for 8GB of memory.
Mac Expiry Key: Want to update your Expiry Key?, go here to update it.

Mac System – Commonly Known as the Business Package.

Green Screen Setup

Facial Recognition

Marryoke Usage

Video Recording Usage

Changing Booth Icons

Setting Up Flipbook

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