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Magic Mirror Photo Booth Range

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The Magic Mirror Booth is the latest photo booth concept. Launched in 2016 the Mirror Booth is sweeping the nation. This glamorous selfie mirror captures full length photos using a touch screen reflective screen. Strike a pose then customise your pictures using the on-screen paint pad. Your pictures are printed in less than 10 seconds.

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Features Include:

Magic Photo Mirror - Reflective touch screen. Full Length Photos

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth captures a full length head to toe image. Stand as close or as far away as you need to to take fit as many people in the picture as possible.

Magic Mirror Animations

Our range of Magic Mirrors come preloaded with Magic Mirror Flash Animations & Sounds. All of the voice overs have been recorded in BBC Radio 2 Studio by a female presenter.

Magic Photo Mirror - Various layout options. Singe or Multi shot

Choose to have one full length portrait 6×4″ print or have multiple portraits on one print. You can choose in the settings of the Magic Mirror Booth how you want multiple prints to be laid out. Before your event, customise your photos to include a template of your choice, a message of your choice, and add a logo to your images too. All is possible through the easy access admin menu on your Magic Photo Mirror Booth.

Magic Photo Mirror - On screen paint pad. Sign your photos

After taking single or multiple photos, you can sign photos with a message or with your name. Sign photos using the touch screen, mirror booth paint brush, or add a variety of stamps.


Ensure your guests are looking directly into the camera lens with this all seeing, all flashing LED Magic Eye.The white LEDs will alternate between an eye and circle shape.


Use our exclusive Facial Detection software to apply digital props on screen to your photos. Choose from a large range of emojis, masks, hats & glasses. You can even upload your own.

Magic Photo Mirror - Customised Photos. Instant Prints

Photos can be printed in less than 10 seconds using the enclosed Mitsubishi Dye Sub printer. Photos will pop out into the photo catcher. Select how many copies of each print you wish to receive in the admin settings.


If you are thinking of installing your Magic Mirror Booth in a commercial venue, you may want to consider having a coin acceptor installed. The coin acceptor will work with the mirror software to allow you to charge customers per usage. This feature can be enabled and disabled when required.


Offer your customers more privacy by providing the enclosed booth extension. A fully branded photo booth on the outside, with the Magic Mirror embedded on the inside.


Both the Mirror software and animations are available in multiple languages. Our Magic Mirror software currently supports the following languages:
English, French, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Polish, Arabic

Magic Mirror Booth SE – Collapsible Version

The Magic Mirror Booth SE is the portable Magic Mirror Booth. It breaks down and assembles in exactly the same way our photo booths would, using our tested and patented twist and lock aluminium frame. It also has a PVC coating which is brandable, to allow you to customise your mirror booth even further than changing the frame. The Magic Mirror Booth SE collapses into bags, and can be transported in a hatchback car.

Magic Photo Mirror FLITE – Flight Case Version

The Magic Photo Mirror is encased within a large flight case on wheels, with a removable padded cover to protect the touch screen. When arriving at event, simply remove the front, cover and insert the electrical equipment into the hatch on the back. Setting up your electrical equipment will take around 10 minutes.

Glamour Magic Mirror – (Vanity Style) Circular LED Mirror

The Glamour Mirror is encased within a solid steel round enclosure, backlit by a beautiful white LED ring. The Glamour Mirror can easily be broken into 3 transportable parts perfect for vehicle transport.

Perfect For

Magic Mirror Weddings


Magic Mirror Photo Booth Parties


Selfie Mirror Fashion Show

Fashion Shows

Magic Mirror Booth at Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres

Magic Mirror Booth - Great Marketing Ideas

Marketing Events

Magic Mirror Booth for Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

The Magic Photo Mirror is the upcoming attraction of all events, and is already proving to be increasingly popular at weddings. Unlike a traditional photo booth, you can interact with this full length touch screen mirror to take a single or multiple photos.

The Magic Mirror is pre-loaded with animations and sounds to make using the Mirror a fun experience. With the paint feature, users can also make their own art on the mirror using the touch screen paint brush.

Q. Do the Magic Mirror Booths come with a warranty?
A. We offer a 12 month guarantee on all Magic Mirrors with full manufacturers warranty across all electrical equipment

Q. How quickly can I get a Magic Mirror Booth?
A. The Magic Mirror Photo Booths are built to order with an average build time of 20 days.

Q. How do I order one of the Magic Mirror Booths?
A. Orders can be placed on the phone or directly in person from our showroom upon visit.

Q. Is the mirror made from glass?
A. Yes, all of our Magic Mirror Booth is made from a special re-inforced glass which is also fully reflective giving the proper selfie booth feel!

Q. What frame do the Mirrors come with?
A. Choose between three frame options. You may want to upgrade to a Hollywood LED Bulb Frame for the showbiz feel.

Q. Can I leave the mirror booth unattended at an event?
A. The Magic Mirror Booths do not need to be manned at an event, however, we do always recommend you stay near incase of emergency (Eg. Power cut!)

Talking mirrors have been famous since the days of Disney’s Snow White, where the evil queen owned a Magic Mirror to remind her of her beauty. “Who is the fairest of them all” is the most popular phrase. More recently, the Magic Mirror has appeared in other popular films such as Shrek and The Huntsman, in which both mirrors verbally communicate the appearance of ones reflection in the Mirror.

This complimenting concept has been combined with the global trend of “taking a selfie” which has developed the technique of taking a photo using a mirror to capture a full length image.

Following the success of the photo booths, the Magic Mirror Booths evolved in 2016. and are already proving to be more successful than the photo booths themselves.