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Photo Booths are the latest trend to have at weddings, parties, events, and marketing productions.

We have a wide range of photobooths available to buy that come in all different shapes and sizes.

To make your purchase decision simple, we sell our photo booths in different packages. Check out our list below and buy photo booths that are perfect for you.

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Oval Photo Booth £5499 Plus VAT

£5499.00 + VAT

One of the most popular options for those looking to buy a photo booth. A sleek modern looking design rounded at both ends and capable of accommodating up to 6-8 people at anyone time.

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Bullet Photo Booth

Bullet Photo Booth

£5499.00 + VAT

Our Bullet Booth is the latest in photo booth design and construction. A sleek modern looking design capable of accommodating up to 10-12 people at anyone time.

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Square photo booth | square booth

Square Photo Booth

£5899.00 + VAT

The Square photo booths are the original photo booth hire option. A solid and sturdy traditional photo booth style and construction, capable of accommodating up to 10-12 people at anyone time.

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Kids Photo Booth | Kids Booth | Childrens Photo Booth

Kids Photo Booth

£4299 + VAT

The Kids Booth is a smaller oval booth perfect for children’s parties and events. Of course adults can squeeze in too, but this booth is built purposefully for children to use.

We recommend this product for children under 4foot tall.

If you already have a photobooth, there is an option to buy the frame and panels for you to use your current equipment inside.


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National Cat Awards Photo Booth

Branded Oval Photo Booth

£5899 + VAT

A branded photo booth in our most popular oval shape. Showcase your brand or product using this high specification photo booth. Perfect for marketing, product launches, exhibitions.

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moet payment booth

Solid Steel Photo Booth – Custom Made


We are able to produce solid steel photo booths to your dimensions and specifications perfect for secure environments. Optional coin acceptors are available.

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Oval Photo Booth Frame

Oval Photo Booth Metal Frame

£1875.28 + VAT

This Oval Photo Booth aluminum frame is patent protected and tested by the University of Coventry to be the strongest photo booth frame on the market.

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