Starting A magic Mirror Hire Business.

One of the most important and frequently asked questions regarding running a magic mirror or Photo booth business is how much money can you realistically make. When you look at the many prices that Photo booth companies charge to hire out their equipment, it can seem at first to be a lucrative venture but there are also obviously costs involved too and this is where the confusion is for many companies.

This doesn’t mean that considerably good profits cannot be made and its vitally important that the equipment you purchase including warranties and supports play a huge role in the potential profits you may make.

When you are looking for Photo Booth or Magic Mirror equipment, it is paramount that you purchase not only from a reputable Company but one that supplies good quality and well built equipment.  If you purchase equipment that is of poor quality, you are likely to have issues from day one regarding faulty or broken equipment, potentially creating more costs.  Always ensure you have not only the best equipment but that the Company offers both warranty and support on your equipment for at least 12 months.

Another question which is commonly asked is regarding staff wages, this largely depends on whether you intend to staff your Photo Booth or Magic Mirror yourself or you intend to hire staff to help you.  If you are considering using staff at least part of the time, this can often be your biggest outgoing. Many Photo Booths and magic Mirrors are easily maneuvered  by one person but if you are intending to keep other employment, you may need to seek the services of additional staff.  Always ensure you factor this cost in from the beginning so you are aware of the costs.

Starting a Photo booth or Magic mirror business can be incredibly lucrative and if you have done your homework and incorporated all the costs, you will see the potential of a very successful business.

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