Custom Build Monster Energy
Photo Booth Set To MotoCross The

Having found us on Google, back in late November 2013 Monster Energy made an approach to see if it would be possible to create a photobooth that could picture customers sat on a motocross bike. Not quite the usual request we get for a photo booth but one we were certainly up for the challenge of.

Over the next couple of months discussions took place around the specification and design, centring on the original brief that the Monster booth  “needs to consist of a staged platform where the image encompasses the whole of the subject, for example, not a photobooth where the person would be sitting or confined.”

It would also need to be robust enough to take on the MotoCross tour in 2014 and be branded in the Monster Energy style and colours.

However it was not until two weeks before their first test event in March that the official order came though, adding a tight time constraint to an already challenging set of specifications, including:

Monster Energy Photo Booth at event

– A simultaneous three screen display
– Shaded illumination of the Monster Energy logo and other lighting features
– Specific shape and size
– Use of specified materials

As well as a bespoke design for the booth itself our programmers had to produce a custom version of the photobooth software to enable a third external live-view screen in order to allow people waiting to use the booth to see live shots of those already sat on the bike having their picture taken.

Monster Energy Photo Booth

One of the biggest challenges came from the very exacting requirements for the display and illumination of the Monster Energy logo from inside of the booth without affecting the image lighting.

Using a combination of specially coloured perspex sheeting spaced under laser cut steel and carefully selected lighting the results looked spectacular.

The bespoke booth was first tested at the Arenacross 2014 Wembley event at the beginning of March and produced fantastic results with so many people queuing up to use the booth that a photo was taken every 30 seconds an average throughout the event.

The booth will now make its way across Europe and the USA as part of the world motocross tour.