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Table Selfie


About Table Selfie:

The NEW Table Selfie launching November 2017 is the latest must have gadget table decoration for any occasion! The Table Selfie can be positioned in the centre of your tables to generate instant photos triggered by your mobile phone. Guests can spin the Table Selfie 360 degrees to capture the perfect selfie from any angle. Countdown with your phone, capture on your Table Selfie. Photos can be saved, shared, or printed to create customised 6×4″ instant prints.

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What is the Table Selfie?

Table Selfies are perfect for any sit down occasion, from Weddings to Corporate functions, to Awards ceremonies.  A collection of Table Selfies are placed on multiple tables and connect to a single shared printing station. Each Table Selfie has a central space to allow hosts to incorporate and add their own centrepieces and decorations.

Guests sitting around a circular table can manually spin the Table Selfie around to face their direction. Using their mobile phone, guests can connect to the Table Selfie to select their table, and initiate the camera countdown. The Table Selfie will use the inbuilt camera to capture a photo, then present the picture on your mobile phone screen to save, discard, upload to social media, or print. Send to the printing station to collect your instant 6×4″ print.  Photos can be branded with a custom border to add a unique personalised touch.

In addition to your guests taking away 6×4″ print memories, all photos captured from the Table Selfie at a single occasion are stored and can be imported on a single USB.

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Perfect for many events

The Table Selfie is suitable for use on any round, circle, square, or hexagonal table. They can also be used on rectangular tables (but may require more than 1 per table)

There is no maximum number of tables, you can order as many Table Selfies as you require.

Magic Mirror Weddings



Seasonal Occasions


Corporate Functions


Group dinners


Special Features

 Combines with your own centre pieces

 Can be personalised to your design

 Captures instant photos to save, share, or print

Generates instant 6×4″ prints


What are the dimensions of the Table Selfie?

The Table Selfie dimensions are:
49cm(H) x 40cm(W) 40cm (D)

Is the Table Selfie compatible with all mobile phones?

The Table Selfie is compatible with most mobile phones. It will work with any mobile phone that has an internet browser.

How do you connect to the Table Selfie

To connect to the Table Selfie, search your local Wi-Fi connections for “Table Selfie” and connect. You may need to use the QR scanner to get to the correct page if it does not load automatically on your phone

Where is the Table Selfie camera located?

The Table Selfie has a built in camera at the top of the neck known as a “Rasberry Pi camera.” It boasts 8 megapixels and an LED illumination light