‘Flying Saucers’
Exclusive Game Launch For
Photobooths Magic Mirrors

Playing Games on Magic Miror

Photobooths launches exclusive new game, Flying Saucer, across all Magic Mirror booths.

Photobooths is pleased to announce it’s first game, Flying Saucer, exclusively designed and developed for use on the entire Magic Mirror Booth range.

The space themed game is really simple for your guests to play. Flying saucers will come speeding towards you on the screen, and it’s your job to use the touch screen to tap them and make them explode!

There is a built in leader board for friends and family to get competitive, and mastering high scores will unlock more, and further challenging levels.

The game is perfect to install on your Mirror for guests to play whilst waiting inbetween timed events at a wedding or special occasion.

The game is free of charge to all customers registered in the Members Area, and can be downloaded and installed here.

Magic Photo Mirror with Flying Saucers
Magic Mirror Booth SE with Flying Saucers

Flying Saucer

Available for both the Magic Photo Mirror and Magic Mirror Booth SE.

In game preview shots:

Flying Saucer Game Magic Mirror
Flying Saucer Game Magic Mirror
Flying Saucer Game Magic Mirror