Magic Mirror now with Green

NEW Green Screen Feature for Magic Mirrors

All Photobooths’ Magic Mirrors have been updated with the latest software update including the NEW Green Screen function.

Already successful within Photo Booths, the Green Screen function allows you to take beautiful pictures and swap the background. Transporting yourself in your images to wherever you desire. Take a photo on the beach, in the city, even with your favourite football team.

All  Magic Mirror’s come with selected Green Screen themes and backgrounds for you to choose from, from horror, to famous landmarks. It’s also incredibly easy to upload your own green screen images should you receive any special requests from your customers.

You can also use the Green Screen on your Magic Mirror in conjunction with templates, sign your picture, text, and logo additions.

The Green Screen function is a great addition to customising your photos! It’s also ideal for events with bleak scenery, or where there are distracting crowds in the background!

Magic Mirror with Green Screen

How does Green Screen for the Magic Mirror work?

You will need to ensure you have an appropriate green screen background, using the official “chrome key green.” We recommend purchasing our exclusive pop up, retractable Green Screen from our shop to ensure compatibility. The software has been developed using this exact pull up green screen.

When you or your guests stand infront of the Mirror, you will be able to select your chosen background, and continue to take your photo as normal.

Green Screen for the Magic Mirror
Green Screen for the Magic Mirror
Green Screen for the Magic Mirror

How do I get the Green Screen function?

If you have purchased a Magic Mirror from us within the last 12 months, all software updates are completely free. When you load up your Magic Mirror, look out for the “latest version update” and follow the on screen instructions.

If you are having difficulty, don’t hesitate to contact our support team:

Pop Up Green Screen

Pop Up Green Screen
Available in:
2 x 2m
1.5 x 2m

Prices start from £200+VAT