The Top Five Photo Booth
Business Opportunities

Setting up  a photo booth (or renting one) on a busy city street is among the most appealing methods to earn money for part-time or even to run a full-time business. In the age of smartphones professional photography is not dying.

It’s actually booming! Studies suggest that business owners who own a photo booth are able to earn up to 75% profit margins it’s quite amazing! Prints printed out come with a tangible and emotional worth to them which isn’t present in the digital versions.

Next, we’ve identified some great possibilities for your business of a photo booth.

Photo Booth Business Opportunities

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Below are top five business opportunities for a photo booth that you could explore:


The most loved of all! It is among the most memorable occasions in the lives of everyone. It is possible to make the day unforgettable by creating an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Corporate Events

They last a little longer than social occasions. If you offer custom marketing experience and you are able to anticipate regular business from corporate clients.

Baby Showers

It’s a moment to cherish for the rest of your life. It’s possible to offer a baby-boy or baby-girl-themed photoshoot for expectant parents and the families they have. This is something you can count on all through the year.

Holiday Parties

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This business opportunity for a photo booth is more focused on holiday celebrations and seasonal holidays such as Christmas, New Years and more. In these seasons during the season, you are able to provide a festive experience to your guests. It’s a great way to increase revenue for your company.

Birthday Party

Similar to weddings, birthday parties are excellent photography business opportunities as there is no shortage of occasions throughout the year.

Graduation Parties

Classified under social events You can create graduation celebrations unforgettable for the students who are out there.