Photobooths’ customers
tell us their story

Photobooths’ customers tell us their story

We invited some of our customers to attend our filming day, where they could freely talk about the journey of their photo booth career.

The promotional video features 5 different customers who all pursued a photo booth career for different reasons. Each individual has a different life story, with interesting tales to tell.

Here’s a few things they each had to say:


“Last year we decided to consider looking at photo booths because we were realising that although we were offering casino tables and things like that, we needed something extra to add to our company profile for corporate events.”

“Before I bought the photo booth, I was working in school as a TA. I enjoyed it, I really did and I thought it was great. But school, the politcs and everything its changing so much.”

“Having a photo booth has certainly changed my life, and changed my kids and my family, Im bringing in a lot of money in through the photo booth now, I get a lot more time with my family, I mean it’s a lot of weekend work with a lot of money”

“The great thing about running your own photo booth and having your own company I suppose is your own bit of independence.”

“It doesn’t feel like your working all the time because everyone is having fun which is generally not the case in most places you work.”

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Special thanks to our videographer, Max Tobin, who provided his artistic ideas throughout the day as well as producing a fantastic edit.