Photobooths’ Marketing
Manager prepares for the climb
of her life

Miserable weather aside, we’re starting to approach the mud runs, fun runs, marathons and bike rides that dominate the Summer months and encourage us all to dig a little deeper for worthy causes. Photobooths’ Marketing Manager, Alice, is also doing the same however this year she has decided to take it to the next level – 5,895ft to be exact.

In August this year, Alice is going to be jetting off to Tanzania, with her walking poles and hiking boots, ready to climb not only the highest mountain in Africa, but the highest free standing mountain in the world! What’s even more exciting is that she’s doing it all to raise vital funds for The Nasio Trust.

“I decided to raise money for The Nasio Trust for a few reasons. The charity is like… there. I wanted to raise money for an organisation that the trip directly affects in some way. The community they help extends to those that work on the trek and the children that The Nasio Trust support really struggle day to day. For a lot of people, these trips are holidays but it’s not a holiday spot. People actually live in these circumstances and they need our help. I didn’t want to visit somewhere just to see how people live and then come home and tell people how awful it is. That wouldn’t help anyone. By raising money for them, I can directly help them and make a difference.

I’m not a natural hiker at all so it’s going to be a real challenge for me. That said, it’s not putting me off.”

If you would like to help Alice fundraise for The Nasio Trust and support her Kilimanjaro campaign, you can visit

Good luck Alice!