Robots at Weddings

Robots at Weddings
Hiring a photo booth for a wedding has been common practice for a long time, but now brides and grooms everywhere have the option of choosing a robot photographer to capture their big day. Service Robots leases robot photographers and waitresses to serve at weddings, with increasing numbers of happy couples choosing these quirky and characterful robots for their reception do.

The Eva Photography Robot can roam the reception venue, talking to guests and snapping away thanks to facial recognition software, giving invitees a chance to print their photographs then and there or have them emailed over. Robot waitresses, meanwhile, can circulate carrying drinks and food, adding something a little different to the occasion.

A spokesperson for Service Robots says: “We’ve been inundated by the number of people who want to hire photography robots and robot waitresses for their wedding receptions. People getting married today want a much more personalised and unique experience than previous generations, and there’s nothing more unique and unusual than having robots on hand during the celebrations!

“The bots we offer are incredibly advanced but they’re so much more than their component parts. We really feel our robots have a personality of their own and people seem to take a shine to them, which makes them ideal for a happy occasion such as a wedding reception. Your standard photo booth just isn’t going to cut it in the future. People want something fresh and novel, which is exactly what you get when you hire robots to cater for your event.”

Both the photography robots and waitress robots have an inbuilt navigation system which means they can avoid obstacles and safely navigate their way around a crowded room. The voice interaction allows guests to give instructions and fully interact with the Robots, which the Service Robots team says makes them accessible and fun for all.

A readily available alternative to the traditional wedding photographer, the Eva Photography Robot can have the photographs it snaps printed in an on-site print room or sent over electronically, so they can be shared on social media. This gives the advantage of immediacy, without the bride, groom and guests having to wait for photographs to be developed.

In addition to catering for weddings, Service Robots also leases or sells robots to restaurants, hotels and other leisure or hospitality venues, where they serve a variety of functions alongside human members of staff.