Staying Ahead With Your Photo Booth Business.

Photo Booths are still very much a part of most events and whether it be a Wedding or a Birthday party, having a Photo Booth is at the top of the list for most Pay Hosts but what are they looking for when they choose a Photo Booth and how can you make sure yours is the one they book.

The price of the Photo Booth always plays the most important role initially and being able to offer a competitive package with as much added extra’s as possible will make the difference to securing that booking but there are other things that are important and once a customer has been attracted by price, they are looking for a top service not only from the person running the Photo Booth on the night but everything down to the quality of the props matters.

Always make sure you have good quality Props, clean and presentable equipment, an album so your Party Host can enjoy the pictures after the event and always offer social media sharing.

If you are new to the Photo booth market, you may have only the one Photo Booth but being able to offer other services such as a magic mirror or a Table selfie will help you stand out from the rest, so too will offering Light up Letter hire and very often a Bride will not only book the Photo Booth but will also opt for added extra’s if you offer them.

The Photo Booth market can be described as saturated in some areas but this doesn’t mean that starting a Photo Booth business isn’t a lucrative business idea. There are many angles you can enter the market and another great idea is to have something different by investing in a bespoke Photo Booth made specifically to your requirements.

The Personalised market will only continue to rise and having something different at their event is one of the most important things for some customers. If you have a great idea for a photo booth business, don’t dismiss it because its different, there are many companies out there that make bespoke Photo Booths specific to your requirements and if you have something different that people want to hire, you are already one step ahead.

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