What are magic mirrors?

Launched in 2016, magic mirrors have become a craze sweeping the nation! And the idea behind it is beautifully simple. In a nutshell, a magic mirror captures a full-length photograph with the use of a reflective touchscreen.

It’s quick at what it does, too, with images printing out in under 10 seconds.

All you have to do is strike a pose of your choice – the dafter the better! – and you can then customise the picture you took with the on-screen paint pad.

The resulting image is full-length – from head to toe. Remember to stand as far away or as near as necessary to fit all of you in the picture.

Magic Mirrors

Add some sparkle to your event with a magic mirror
If you’re organising an event, whether it’s a wedding, special birthday, anniversary, or a corporate party, a magic mirror is a highly effective way of adding a touch of glamour very cost-effectively.

A school prom is another example of the sort of occasion where a magic mirror can really come into its own.

Benefits of magic mirrors

Booths are very easy to transport to wherever your event is being held. Usually, only one person is needed to set the mirror up.

Guests get a souvenir of their evening, and you can add more fun by supplying hats, feathers, oversized sunglasses and a range of other dressing-up accessories. You can also choose to add other props or backdrops.

For brides and grooms, these more casual images create a light-hearted memento of their special day to supplement the more formal official photographs. And it makes for a fun activity for guests while they are waiting for events to take place.

Magic mirrors also make great marketing tools. In many cases, magic mirror booths can be customised with corporate branding. Equally, the resulting images can be used in marketing campaigns.

Not much space is needed, and you only need to be within a 3m radius of a power outlet. Clearly, the floor needs to be stable, so a marquee isn’t ideal.

After the event, a USB stick can also be sent to you containing all the images.

You’ll find the photos of a high quality, and typically printed in a standard 6” by 4” size.

Personalise the prints with a logo or message or use the colouring options to theme the colours of your event.

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