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Kids Photo Booth Description

The Kids Booth is a smaller oval booth perfect for children’s parties and events. Of course adults can squeeze in too, but this booth is built purposefully for children under 12 years old to use.

Full Description
The kids photo booth scales down the size without scaling down on the fun! Because smaller children are not always able to easily use a standard size booth, our Kids booth has been designed to put all touch screen functions within easy reach.

Smaller children can walk inside this small photo booth and be able to control exactly what they want to do inside.

Our childrens photo booths come with the option of choosing what equipment is included. Choose from having the same high quality DSLR camera as within our traditional oval photo booths to ensure the very best quality prints, or alternatively use a HD webcam to ensure that any sticky fingers or accidental knocks won’t cause any serious damage.

Buy kids photo booth with a DSLR camera to ensure compatibility with the green screen function. Kids can choose their own personalised background whilst having their photograph taken. The booth comes with preloaded backgrounds, but it’s easy to upload your own too.

Example photos
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Aluminium Frame                                    19″ touch screen

Internal PVC panels                                 Windows PC with software

1 x plain skins                                            Remote control keyboard & touchpad

Paper/ink- 400 prints                             HD Webcam

Transportation bags                                Citizen CY-02 printer

9-5 technical support (12 months)       Wi-Fi receiver

Kids Photo Booth Technical Details

Capacity: 6-8 Children

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows

Compatible Software: PB Pro (Provided)

Kids Photo Booth Features

public_normalCapture a picture

The Kids Photo Booth captures traditional photos in colour 6 x 4”. Different print sizes and colour options come with different packages, including strip printing and filters.

public_recordvideo Capture a video

The Kids Photo Booth has unlimited recording capabilities. Record standard definition video using the flexible in built Webcam.

Kids Photo Booth Dimensions

Height: 1.48m
Width: 1.70m
Depth: 0.90m

bundle buys

bullet booth + candy cart
Total price: £3199 + VAT (save £299)
bullet booth + candy cart
Total price: £3199 + VAT (save £299)
bullet booth + candy cart
Total price: £3199 + VAT (save £299)