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Table Selfie™

Price: £599 + VAT

Table Selfie available to pre-order for November 2017. Join the waiting list today!
Option 1 – Single Showcase Unit:
Built for demonstration purposes only. Excludes print option
Includes: 1 x Showcase Table Selfie™, 1 x Battery (with charger) excludes printing option
Option 2 – 10 x Complete Units FREE Printing Station:
Complete set using your existing printer
Includes: 10 x Table Selfies™, 10 x Battery (with chargers), 1 x Server, Printing options, FREE printing station (station only, no printer) (Worth £550+VAT)
Option 3 – 10 x Complete Units FREE Printing Station + Mitsubishi CPD70DW Printer:
Complete set with supplied printer
Includes: 10 x Table Selfies™, 10 x Battery (with chargers), 1 x Server, Printing options, Mitsubishi CPD70DW Printer, FREE printing station (Worth £550+VAT)

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What is the Table Selfie™?
Brand NEW to the market, the Table Selfie™ is a brand new “selfie taking” table centrepiece that combines your guests original table centrepieces with a spinning micro camera. The cameras can be paired with guest’s mobile phones around every table for them to capture photos through the Table Selfie then save, share, or send to a local printer (not included)

tablselfie_and_phoneAvailable in a choice of colours, the Table Selfie™ can be personalised to suit any event. Brand a Table Selfie™ with a customised base, use a generic theme or apply a unique design for your client. You can also replace the instruction plate on every Table Selfie to display a message of your choice.

The Table Selfie™ is a centrepiece that can really make an occasion go from looking special to feeling special.

What is the Table Selfie™ for?
The Table Selfie™ is perfect for sit down gatherings, such as Wedding breakfasts, Charity events, Corporate awards etc.

How does it work?
Guests seated around the table manually spin the turntable camera to their direction. Using their mobile phone, the guest will connect to the Table Selfie™ Wi-Fi connection, and select the table number they are seated at. Selecting “Take a picture” will commence the camera count down. Once the photo has been taken, a preview will appear on the phone for the user to save, share on social media, or print.


How does the Table Selfie print photos?
The Table Selfie™ (single or multiple) needs to be linked to a printer (not included) running Photobooths software. The Table Selfies are compatible with printers included within Magic Mirrors and Photo Booths but will also work independently housed within a print station (available to purchase)


What about other table decorations?
There is space in the middle of the Table Selfie™ (a static platform) to add other table decorations such as flowers, candles etc

How do I brand the Table Selfie?
Customise your Table Selfie™ for every occasion with our great value Table Selfie™ PVC Skin Sashes. Choose from one of our library designs, provide your own design, or even use our in house designer to get a bespoke sash created for you. Our Table Selfie™ sashes are available to purchase from £15+VAT from our shop.  Every Table Selfie™ also has a small instructional panel which can also be removed and replaced with a custom design.

  360 degree rotating camera platform (manual)
 Static inner plate for standard table decorations
 Rasberry Pi camera
 Embedded LED lights
 Connect to mobile phone through Wi-Fi connection / QR Code
 Compatible across multiple tables

 Trigger capture through mobile phone connection
  Preview, Save, Share, Print photos
  All photos can be branded with custom borders, messages etc (set up prior to event)
  Compatible with/ Can utilise printing options from other Photobooths products (including Photo Booths & Magic Mirrors)
  Print photos using a print station (available to purchase separately)
  Functions as a single or in multiples

49cm(H) x 40cm(W) 40cm (D)

bundle buys

bullet booth + candy cart
Total price: £3199 + VAT (save £299)
bullet booth + candy cart
Total price: £3199 + VAT (save £299)
bullet booth + candy cart
Total price: £3199 + VAT (save £299)

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