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Selfie Pods

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Selfie Pods For Sale

Our Selfie Pods For Sale are perfect for taking and printing pictures instantly without the need for assistance. Our full range of Selfie Photo Pods includes several products with different features. We also have coin operative options available if you wish to charge people per photo. Take a look at our range and see which pod is perfect for you.


Selfie Post Box 1599

Brand new to the market and created by Picture Blast Ltd, the Selfie Post Box is the latest “must have” for Weddings and other occasions. Combining the traditional post box for cards and gifts with a tabletop photobooth for digital photos.


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Nightclub Pod

£6995 + VAT

The nightclub pod is a freestanding instant photo kiosk that allows customers to stand in front of to pose and capture a picture. As the name suggests, it’s ideal for nightclubs and similar environments.

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Branded Selfie Pod

Selfie Pod

£4245 + VAT

The selfie pod is a freestanding instant photo kiosk that is perfect for taking self portraits. As the name suggests, it’s great for a selfie with friends, therefore it’s ideal for social occasions and events, whether that be weddings, birthday parties or even marketing campaigns. The selfie pod can be broken down and easily assebled using the twist and lock frame system so it’s incredibly easy to transport. The selfie pod frame comes with a free carry bag, along with your electrical equipment.

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Paparazzi Wall

Indulge in the red carpet moment with our Paparazzi Wall. State of the Art facial recognition triggers the Paparazzi booth into action to capture full length photos using multiple flashing LED lights from many angles.

The Paparazzi Wall is double sided, so that once your photo has been taken, there is a live feed on the other side showing all the red carpet moments that have been captured. Photos can then be instantly printed using the Mitsubishi Dye Sub Printer, or alternatively uploaded to Facebook.

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