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Multi Customer

Relax and save with Multi Support across all of your equipment.

Purchase support from as little as £0.89 per day*

Why purchase Photobooths support?
Our Photo Booth support packages are great value, and we make sure that all technical support, advice and repairs are completed by Photobooths trained technicians. Your equipment will benefit from the care and expertise that only the support team at Photbooths can deliver.

Multi Support discounts
Receive discount on support packages with further products from Photobooths

*Prices are subject to VAT. Features may vary with support package.

Please choose from one of our tailored support options:

9-5 Weekday Support

Basic option

Access to members area including;
        Useful Guides
 Remote access via Team Viewer
 Weekday 9-5 Support
 Book a 1-1 Support Session

  24/7 Complete Support

Recommended option 

Access to members area including;
        Useful Guides
 Remote access via Team Viewer
 Weekday 9-5 Support
 Book a 1-1 Support Session

 Support when you need it most

 Weekend (Sat/Sun) Support

 Emergency 24/7 Mobile Phone Number

 Software Updates & Bug Fixes

Emergency Critical Support

1 time only help for critical emergency

 Contact us for ONE TIME only to discuss your emergency critical condition. We will help resolve the problem but cannot perform any software or mechanical updates.

Benefits of 24/7 support


Software Updates & Bug Fixes

Your software will always be up to date with the latest editions and features.


Weekend Support

You’re covered at weekends at all hours, when you’re most likely to be at your busiest!


Emergency Mobile

Contact someone at any hour of the day. Your event may incur a hiccup at 2am, simply give us a call.

Multi Support Discounts

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Terms & Conditions:
All support must be of the same category. No mix and match. In order to be eligible for multi support discounts, support must be purchased by the same person under the same name. Only eligible for direct ownership. Non transferable. Excludes distributors. Offers can be withdrawn at any time. Full terms & conditions apply


Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase the support?

Answer 1

What happens if I don't purchase support?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support if you are not covered by a valid support package. We treat all customers equally, and provide the same service with the same conditions to everybody. We are unable to offer “free” support at any time as it would be unfair against customers who have paid for a valid support package.