4 Creative Ways To Make Your
Photo Booth A Hit

Photobooths have become big news at weddings in recent years. As they grow more and more popular, there are some fun, new ways to put your own personal spin on this trend. Here are some of the top tips to make your wedding photobooth a real talking point.

1) Lay out some props

If you’re setting up your photobooth in a dedicated corner of the room, give guests a reason to go there. Props don’t need to be expensive. Raid your dressing up box for funky hats, oversized glasses, and moustaches on a stick – all quick and easy ways to encourage guests to let their hair down for their photo.

2) Leave a guestbook

Photobooth hire can just create digital memories – or, for old school fun, print out a classic strip of photos. Leave a guestbook with a stick of glue or some cellotape next to your photobooth, allowing guests to stick their photo strip in, together with their own personal message to you. It’s a great way to create an instant memento of your big day.

3) Try a photo Booth Robot

A wedding photobooth is fun – but for a real taste of the future, hire a photobooth robot like Eva. She’ll wander around your reception, asking guests for permission to take their photos. Later, facial recognition technology will allow you to easily sort the photos and find out who appears in each one. This roaming robot is a great way to bring the latest in photo technology to your big day.

4) Offer a table selfie service

Your guests are going to be taking plenty of selfies anyway – so why not take advantage of that? Put a Table Selfie Touch on each table, and give guests the chance to have their photos appear in your wedding album. As the night goes on and the drink is flowing, these table selfies are a great way of capturing candid wedding moments and will make each and every guest feel like a special part of your wedding.