5 Tips For Choosing The Best
Wedding Photo Booth Rental 2021

  1. Meet the team, this is important and ask these questions. 

It is important here you lay down the law on what you are to expect from a photobooth provider. Here in an email or on booking contract you should stipulate dress code, if the attendant is allowed to eat at the venue. Look at the company reviews if they have none be careful if they have 90% plus positive that’s good, remember you can’t please everyone.

  1. Look at the props, believe it or not this is your fun bit, these should be in very good condition and have lots of variation to keep your quests entertained.
  2. Take a photo, this is important for picture quality but also pay attention to the software in this, LESS features Is actually MORE fun, all you need is green screen if they have it and maybe facial recognition the reason you don’t need anything else is it slows down your pictures, the more choice you give someone the more time they are in the booth or magic mirror, and the more frustrated your guests get in the line. Photobooths.co.uk said that “Magic Mirrors are the most popular at the moment with weddings we are seeing a huge increase in demand for these because they a new and good fun. 2021 is no exception, with the events industry opening up again the demand will be huge. “ and now to add more choice you have robot photobooths which are an amazing wow factor from servicerobots.com
  3. Look at the options for Photobooths or Magic Mirrors, Booths are more enclosed where as magic mirrors are open but different, you can fit more people into a Magic Mirror than a booth but Booths. If you have a magic mirror ask for a good backdrop curtain.
  4. Finally, price, this is so important if you are paying below £300 for 3 hours then this is usually too good to be true. Most booths cost £200 to operate for this time, so be wary pay a fair but reasonable price. Its very common for booth companies to have calls on an evening with being let down by so called cheap booth operators that cherry pick the closest events. Pay the right money get the right service after all its one day you can’t repeat it.