From Enquiry to Booking: Tips to

“I get loads of enquiries but barely any bookings?”

Seem familiar? Have a read through our useful tips to see if we could help

If you are receiving enquiries but not converting these to bookings, please see our simple tips:

Put a voice behind the name
If there’s a phone number, call them! (With a special occasion like a Wedding, the client likes to feel like theyre in safe hands) Give the customer a call to introduce yourself.

Message being received?
Is your email being received? Perform a test email to another email address or a friend, using a reply you’d send to a customer. Your message may be going straight into “spam” – usually this happens with images or attachments copied and pasted into the message.

Who shall I reply to?
Never presume “reply” is replying directly to the customer. An enquiry may have come from a third party such as Photobooths referral system, or a directory. Make sure you contact the customer using their details provided not by hitting reply.

Find Your Niche. Why use you?
Explain why should people should use you instead of an alternative provider. If other companies have a similar product to you, try and add more value to your offering. What do you offer that someone else might not? This might even be yourself – friendly, loyal, fun!  If you feel that you are missing out due to price, it might mean that you need to justify your pricing a little better. Point out any extras they get included in your service (these don’t have to be big things, lots of smaller additions go a long way).

Work amongst, not against others
There will be certain times of the year that are popular for photo booth owners to take bookings, eg. Wedding season, Christmas, New Year, so what happens when you get an enquiry and can’t take another booking for the same date? We suggest working amongst other photo booth companies and recommending one another. You are probably familiar with the saying “What goes around comes around” – why not recommend a company to a client, and they might just return the favour!

Where do I get email enquiries from?

Below are the following ways an email may enter your Inbox:

Website enquiry form
 External website enquiry form / email
 Photobooths Referral System (Over 16,000 in last 6 months)
 Direct Email

Is price important?

When booking an occasion as huge as a Wedding, sometimes price isn’t the most important decision. therefore don’t be tempted to slash your prices too much to attract a potential customer.

Research Task: Google the following searches and see what is recommended to people when booking services:
“How to choose a Wedding Photographer”
“How to choose a Wedding DJ”
“How to choose a Wedding cake”

You will soon see the advice, quality comes first!

What can I do to improve an email?

Make it personal – Use their name!
Make the customer feel acknowledged, use their name, details provided. If the customer is getting a generic copied and pasted email, they may not feel as “welcomed” to your services.

Avoid a goose chase
If a customer has requested a price on a photo booth, give them a price. Do not send the customer to your website, to land on your prices page, to then complete an enquiry form. You are creating an extra hurdle for you and your customer.

Keep a clear layout
Is your email clear to read, well displayed. Does it show well on both a mobile phone and a computer?

Reduce the attachments
Rather than attaching multiple attachments, why not combine everything into one. The greater the attachments, the longer your email will take to open. If you are sending multiple photos, could you make a collage of all photos into one? Maybe you could even provide a LINK as a reference instead.

Make it professional
Make your emails look as professional as possible. Could you use a footer including your logo? Do you have any protection with your business, state it.

Get feedback

Have you emailed a customer and had no response? Why not get in touch with them to politely ask for feedback?