How to make a photo booth frame

How to Make a Photo Booth Frame Step-by-Step Procedure

How to make a photo booth frame · If you need to create a backing for your photo….

The continued Success Of Photo booth Businesses.

Photo booths have been around for some time and some in the Industry feel the prices for rental have dropped considerably but actually customers are still willing to pay good prices to hire Photo Booths and those Photo Booth businesses that have more to offer in their packages will do the best in terms of […]

Magic Mirror Photobooth

What makes a Magic Mirror photobooth better for events and parties

No big event is complete without the inclusion of a photobooth; it’s the ideal way for your guests to capture the moment and remember the night for the rest of their lives. If you’re considering hiring a photoboth for your party, you might have heard of the Magic Mirror photobooth; the Magic Mirror photobooth brings […]

Table Selfie from Photobooths

The Table Selfie that is Revolutionizing Wedding Photography

With all of the modern advances in photography and technology, it comes as no surprise that one of the most photographed events in the world are introducing more sophisticated photography services. Selfies have become the most popular photo style of the modern era with Instagram reporting more than 330 million photos using the selfie hashtag, […]