How to get the best deal on a
Magic Mirror

Being one of the most upcoming and sought-after attractions at Weddings, it is understandable why you would want to purchase a Magic Mirror. However, with a price tag on average around £5000 it is important to plan ahead and understand the purchase process. It will make your customers happy, and your wallet happy too…

Think finances

Budget available
Before you start shopping around, it is important to consider your finances and budget available. This will depend on your current personal and business situation. Whilst most sellers of Magic Mirrors promote an outright purchase cost, some companies may be able to offer finance options, either directly or through third-party lenders. You may need to consider what you can afford on a monthly basis.

Your Product Requirements

Cost vs Features
Similiar to the process of purchasing a new car, there are various manufacturers and models of Magic Mirror which may vary in price. It is important to consider what you are receiving as part of the full product package, in comparison to the price you are paying. For example, If you were purchasing a car, you would expect to pay more for a car with luxury features such as; in built Sat Nav, Reverse parking sensors. If these luxury features were not needed by you, it would be silly to pay more.

Make a list of the features you would like in your product, based on your customer’s requirements. The main features used by a Magic Mirror are usually, touch screen, photo capture, on-screen signature, and instant photo printing. Most customers would not usually expect more features, so don’t feel obliged to pay extra for unnecessary additional extras.

DO start with a budget

DO consider purchase options AND finance options

DO weigh up cost vs features

DON’T pay for extras you do not need

DO consider service and after sales

DO opt for UK support

DO visit a showroom

DON’T presume that you will never need customer service

DON’T pay for your product before you are happy (excludes shipped items)

DO’NT buy without promised training or guidance

Service,  Support & Training

Invaluable Service
Consider the bigger picture when making your purchase. What service and support options are offered? Similiar to booking a holiday, most people tend to purchase a package through a reputable agent instead of cheaper holiday agent. Why? Direct customer service, Guarantees, Protection. The same principle applies when purchasing a Magic Mirror. Make sure you are purchasing from a company you can trust and who offers help and support when needed.

You may want to consider the residence of the company you are buying from. Should you need support, is the seller going to be able to provide assistance at the same time as you require it? A UK based support centre will be most beneficial when trying to reach a direct telephone.

Understand what you are buying – make a visit
Take advantage of understanding what you are buying from attending a showroom visit (or virtual skype tour if you are abroad). A days journey to visit a seller is worth the journey when you are making a large investment. Take time to use the product, ask questions and build a relationship with a member of staff.

Get on the right foot with full knowledge & training
When purchasing a Magic Mirror, ensure that you will be entitled to or receive adequate training. One to one personal training is often offered by reputable sellers on your own equipment in person upon collection. Should you be purchasing overseas, a Skype tutorial is also offered by experienced seller.

Additional & Renewable Costs

In addition to the purchase of your Magic Mirror, it is important to consider additional or renewable costs such as Software licenses and Support packages. Enquire with your seller the duration and costs for these options to ensure that you will not be paying out more than anticipated.

Worst Case Scenario

Although it’s not nice to think about, consider your options and routes should things not work out as planned…

If the product fails…
If you are experiencing difficulty with your product, consider how easy it is to get things resolved. Is it software related, can a technician access your machine? Is it technical, can you return the product back to the seller for inspection? Check your guarantees for further info.

If the business doesn’t take off…
If the business doesn’t take off as anticipated, consider how easy it is to sell the item. Some sellers charge a transfer fee should you wish to sell the product to a new business owner. Ask the manufacturer if this is applicable before you buy. Don’t be stung with a reseller fee later down the line.

DO ask about renewable costs

DO consider reseller options (in worst case scenario)

DON’T get stung with reseller fees

In Summary: How to get the best deal on a Magic Mirror?

Use a reputable seller and purchase a product with the essential features for you and your customers. Don’t pay for more than you need to, consider renewable & reseller fees, and only pay for a product that you are confident you will be happy with.

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