How Photo Booth Hire Can Thrive
Through The Current Crisis

The recent Pandemic has certainly changed things in ways we could never have imagined, both our social lives and work lives have changed considerably and none of us could have predicted the outcome. Things will remain very different for some time and many believe that things will never fully be the same again. This is largely due to Human nature and the way we adapt to  our changing circumstances and when our survival instincts kick in, as Humans we will find new ways to move forward in changing times.


The event Industry has certainly taken a knock over the last 4 months and with social distancing and many venue’s closed for the time being, photo booth hire has been put on hold as have many Weddings and Events. Like every evolving situation however, this won’t last forever and even if there are still social distancing measures in place in many venue’s, they will still reopen and people will still want to get Married and celebrate.


If you have an existing Photo booth business or are thinking of starting your own business, now is the time to think outside of the box and perfect your marketing skills and look at your existing product range. Could you add to your product range to accommodate a changing world and add a Photography Robot to your existing Photo booth hire business.


The Photography Robot is already proving popular as are Delivery Robots in Restaurants and Bars, not only will the Photography Robot roam free and interact with your guests, they offer the option to print your photographs from a print station in the room or share them on social media, the Robot Photographer will certainly add the wow factor to any event.


It is estimated that the Robotics service Industry will grow considerably from 2020-2025 and this includes Robots for events such as Weddings and Birthdays. Party Hosts are not only looking for ways to have their event in changing times but also of ways to add extra entertainment that is safe.


Taking a look at your business now and perfecting your marketing skills ready for when event bookings start coming in is also paramount. Preparing now will give you a good head start when the events Industry eventually begins to gain traction again.