Marketing Your Photo booth

The ease with online marketing means it is very easy to get the word out about your photo booth business, build a very successful brand and attract more customers.

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of your business and the importance of your website is paramount to your success.  One of the first steps for your photo booth hire business is to run an SEO audit.  This will give you an accurate view of the website and help you to understand how optimized the website is. This is vitally important in order for you to understand how efficiently your website is being found by the search engines.

Always focus on local SEO, this will ensure you will be found by people looking for photo booth hire in your particular location.  Also, always ensure your website is mobile responsive across all areas and features.

Social media marketing is also vital for your business and the many platforms available offer numerous opportunities to share content with your target audience. This also gives every opportunity to interact with your customers directly, giving the best customer service.

Ads are also great for getting chosen content in front of the right people, Facebook, Instagram and twitter are all great for running Ads which in turn will boost your sales.

It is estimated that more than 80% of adult internet users use their email regularly and the conversion rate for email marketing is reported far higher than studies once reported.

It’s essential to collect emails from customers and photo booth users,  compiling them and storing the for later use.  They can then be used later to send relevant newsletters and offers on Photo booth hire which is another way to stay in contact with your customers and create new business.

Although we always consider digital marketing to be the more effective strategy in reaching more customers, we also know physical networking is invaluable and its always easier and far better to make a memorable impression in person, ensuring you develop stronger relationships with your existing and future customers.