Photo Booth Industry And The
Current Crisis.

Photo Booths are still incredibly popular and although things have not got back to normal in the events Industry, the market is once again starting to pick up as Venue’s reopen and Weddings and Parties are once again being planned.

The Photo booth Hire Industry has suffered particularly recently, not only because it is part of the events Industry but because Photo Booths traditionally encourage Guests to get close together to take Photographs. The way Photo Booths operate has had to change dramatically taking into consideration that Props will be out of the question for some time due to the sharing and the risk of infection.

Many Photo booth Companies have certainly suffered during the current crisis but for many, it has also been a time for opportunity.  Many changes can be made to compensate for the lack of props by installing digital Props, ensuring that Guests don’t touch the equipment, including the touch screen and this is only done by the attendant and having an orderly queuing system that requires Guests to stand 2 mtrs apart when queuing.

All of this may seem a little extreme but what we are seeing is an increased cooperation from Party goers and people in general. We are all more aware than ever before that this current situation is going to go on for some time, with social distancing measures in place and restrictions playing a huge role in our lives. We are generally seeing fighting spirit from the general public and a general embracing of the rules so they can continue to celebrate Weddings and many other events.

Although it has been an extremely tough time, there is light at the end of the tunnel and the Photo booth hire Companies that embrace the new rules and offer absolute assurances to their Customers are the ones which will increase their hires and come out the other side as well established businesses.