360 Photo Booth Rage is Here

360 Photo Booth

Gen Z trends are quirky, unexpected, and fleeting. They’re constantly changing, and the lucky few who get onboard these trends in time end up making a fortune. Take bitcoin, for instance. It’s flirting with £40k today in late 2021. Anyone who had bought it at £300 in 2016, or £25 in 2013, is a multimillionaire today. While that ship has sailed, a new one is here to take you sailing the high seas.

Introducing 360 Photo Booth

360 Photo Booths are the hottest, most sensational things to trend in the UK party scene for the moment. They are fresh, fun, and loved by everyone – children and adults alike.

They are the product of technology, innovation, and pop culture. 360 Photo Booths capture 360-degree photos on a rotating platform and offer an eclectic experience to guests of all ages.

The images captured by these platforms are so unique and brilliant that they inevitably make it to social media, fueling a 360-degree photo trend in turn. And, all of this is already happening. Customers and guests love hitting pubs, party halls, DJ events, restaurants, and any other place where they can capture 360-degree photos of themselves having fun and post them on social media.

A Colossal Opportunity is Brewing. Are You Ready For It?

Think about it. The seemingly endless series of lockdowns has left people frustrated. They are bored and hungry for new experiences that bring excitement into their lives. And, what do they get when they go out? The same old, same old.

So, why not kick it up a notch and give them something genuinely new and exciting?

That’s the promise behind 360 Photo Booths.

They are new, trending, and absolutely fun.

And the Numbers Agree!

Over the past few months, the 360 Photo Booths have sharply dropped in prices, which have made them incredibly affordable. Even small restaurants, pubs, and party businesses can rent 360 Photo Booths for their business.

In fact, we offer 360 Photo Booths at an unbelievably low rental of £350 per event.

One such 360 Photo Booth deployed during peak weekend hours (say, 3 hours) costs a measly £350 but generates over £1000 (on average) in additional revenue for the business. Repeat it four times a month, 12 months a year, and the simple numbers add up to nearly £50k in additional cash inflow. If you do it every weekend, your profits double!

The time is ticking! Like every Gen Z trend, this won’t last forever. Will you let it slip or grab it this time?

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