Photo Booth Predictions For 2023

Last year was pretty good for most photobooth owners and operators having started the year with significant levels of bookings coming from the pent-up demand of Covid lockdowns and restrictions. So what are the photobooth market predictions for 2023.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2023, is a reminder of the 2008 financial crisis which was first year in business, we had a good year. There are many predictions for the future and of course, none of us know for sure what the actual outcome will be but whilst we are now seeing a tightening in the economy the good news is there is more of a desire to forgo “things” and instead focus on experiences and the creation of memories.

On the back of this, the demand for both video capture and “candid” photos is increasing in place of more traditional event entertainment.

Indeed, as a reflection of this, we are seeing increased interest in the 360 video photo booths as well as the table photobooth for weddings or other formal dining events.

Table Photobooths are proving to be a great add on for Photo capture and fun in the daytime with little extra cost for providing this service, making it a great add on and unique selling point for your business.               

It is also predicted that whilst the number of corporate events may reduce over the next 12 months the level of spend and interactive entertainment is expected to increase, with companies wanting to make more of a long-lasting and memorable impact from the events they do hold.

However, when it comes to lead times the industry expectation is that these will become shorter with greater numbers of “last minute” bookings and thus photobooth operators will need to be a little more agile in their response to inquiries and availability.

Photo booth Companies like many other businesses across many industries will also need to consider the move toward sustainability and maybe focus more on the social sharing of photos and video as against the physical printing of pictures.

Getting this focus right will also be a great selling point for the forward-thinking photo booth business who will then be able to assist their own clients in reducing the carbon footprint of the overall event.

And finally, in the predictions for 2023, the move toward corporate “bleisure” events where companies provide a mix of business and leisure for employees and/or customers, provides the perfect opportunity for the photo booth business owner to provide an element of this leisure experience.