Photo Booth Industry Statistics
2023 (Inc Market Predictions)

Photo Booth Industry Statistics 2023 (Inc Market Predictions)

Like many other entertainment and leisure based industries the Photo Booth industry has seen massive swings in fortune over the last few years. And it will come as no surprise that many in the industry did not survive the pandemic. The good news is that as recently as January 2023 the interest in “photo booth” reached close to a 5-year high, only being surpassed by less than an handful of points in April 2022(1).

Photo Booth Industry Statistics and Market Predictions

Indeed, the outlook for the Photo Booth industry market is looking positively bright with a prediction of a global value of over $1 Billion USD (£805 million (2)) by 2032 from a current estimate of $580m in 2022(3) according to the latest market research report by Global Market Insights (GMI).

And according to Straits Research, Europe still dominates the global photo booth market mainly owing to the higher adoption in countries such as UK and France. The increasing utilisation of photo booths in weddings and events continuing to fuel this market development.

And according to a study by Grand View Research;

  1. The increasing popularity of social media is driving the adoption of photo booths among consumers
  2. The growing demand for customised photo experiences is also contributing to the growth of the market
  3. The rising adoption of digital photo booths is expected to offer new growth opportunities for market players in the coming years

Photo Booth In Search

Whilst predictions of the Photo Booth industry will vary from study to study, at a ground level the average number of monthly number of worldwide searches for the term “photo booth” grew from 246,000 to 301,000 in the six month period from November 2022 to April 2023 compared to the corresponding period the previous year, an increase of 22%(4).

With the UK and Ireland accounting for approximately 22,200 of these searches and “photo booth hire” being close to 45% of these searches.

In terms of trends it is the 360 Photobooth that has seen the biggest upswing in search interest over the last couple of years, with it currently being at its all-time peak.

360 Photo Booth Industry Statistics and Market Predictions

Although to be fair the 360 is the most recent wide-scale innovation in the photo booth market, bringing 360 video to the events and entertainment space and rapidly replacing the traditional walk-in and Magic Mirror style photo booths as the go-to option.

Photo Booths On Social Media

Social media has seen an explosion in Photo Booth related posts in the last few years and especially since the recovery from the pandemic with over 8.12 million posts(5) on Instagram alone. This is a four fold increase since the last count we had in June 2016.

A quick hop over to TikTok and there have been over 1.7 Billion views of videos the #photobooth tag and 281M for #360photobooth. Additionally, #magicmirror comes close with 196 million views, although it must be said not all of these relate to Magic Mirror Photobooths.

Whilst for video content there are approximately 20M videos indexed on Google for the term photo booth and the highest number of views for a “photo booth” related video is 5M for Ramon Daniels “The Worlds Strangest Photo Booth

The proliferation of Social Media and the close alignment with the fun and shareability of photo booth images and photos is strongly linked to the growth in popularity and demand of the entertainment photo booth market. This is especially true in the wedding and party sectors.

Entertainment Photo Booths

According to the GMI research the entertainment market accounts for nearly 70% of the market and is expected to increase to closer to 90% by 2032. The other being service-related photo booths such as those for passports etc.

The future of the Photo Booth Market

With social media increasing becoming part of our everyday lives and the speed at which technology is progressing, bringing continual innovation to the Photo Booth marketplace it can easily be seen why an 8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is predicted between 2023 and 2032 and that USD $1 Billion market value.

For those involved in the market this is extremely encouraging, especially in the wake of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis and whilst the latter might have a short term impact on the overall market demand, the future for the photo booth market appears to be safe and certainly not a “flash in the pan” as some had previously predicted.

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  2. Based on exchange rate at the time of writing £1=$1.24)
  3. Source – GM Insights
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  5. Posts tagged with #photoboth as at 18th May 2023



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