Photo booths for sale in August


In the final month of the summer we have added something extra special to our August offer. As we know in business you need to market yourself effectively and to make use of any available options to enable your business to stand out from the crowd.

That is where our new Magic Photo Business Card system comes in, using video to help bring your business card to life.

Photo booths for sale in August

As well as the new new Magic Photo Business Card our Full Business packed is full of features once again including all of the below:

Magic Photo

Magic Photo is the new must have feature for any wedding, bringing to life the wedding photo album like never before. Simply head into the photobooths and record a personalised message and once you are done a photo will be printed which gets put in the wedding album.
Here’s the special bit, when the bride and groom look through the album they can hover their phone over your photo and, using our special app, it comes to life! Playing your full video message for them to hear.

Facial Recognition

Using the latest facial recognition technology our latest photobooth software will recognise the faces of people in your booth and give them the option to apply a wide variety of digital props on, above or to the side of their faces.

Website and Booking System

Business these days equals online. If you don’t have an online presence you are at a massive disadvantage, which is why we include a WordPress website and booking system with all Full Business Package purchases. Simply choose your domain and take your choice of our range of themes. We then add a booking system and gallery page and hand the site over to you to create however you like.

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