Table Selfies wow at The
Photography Show

Table Selfie Photobooths WOW at Photography Show

It was another great year at The Photography Show at The NEC last week, with 4 extremely busy days and lots of fantastic products for photographers to experience.

It was our first exhibition at this scale to exhibit the Table Selfies to a photography audience and we were very proud to see the incredible impact that the Table Selfies had amongst guests. We had some very exciting feedback from visitors and exhibitors alike, alongside the latest addition to our Magic Mirror range – the Glamour Mirror.

As innovators in the photo booth industry it’s so exciting to see public reaction to our products, especially when they are handcrafted from start to finish by

We took lots of orders on the day with a variety of UK and overseas enquiries still coming in. We can’t wait for the public to start seeing how wonderful these table photobooths are and seeing them pop up around the world at events! Needless to say if you haven’t seen one in action just yet, you’ll be sure to experience one soon!

What is the Table Selfie?

Table Selfie is a sophisticated turntable camera device that elegantly sits and spins on the centre of a table amongst other table decorations. It captures instant photos and displays them by connecting with a mobile phone. The Table Selfie can be positioned in the centre of your tables to generate instant photos. Guests can spin the Table Selfie 360 degrees to capture the perfect selfie from any angle. Photos can then be saved, shared online, or printed onto customised 6×4″ instant prints.

Where Can Table Selfies Be Used?

The Table Selfie is perfect for any sit-down occasion, from weddings to corporate functions to awards ceremonies. A collection of Table Selfies are placed on multiple tables and connected to a single shared printing station.

Each Table Selfie has a central space to allow hosts to incorporate and add their own centrepieces and decorations. The Table Selfie is suitable for use on any round, circle, square, or hexagonal table. They can also be used on rectangular tables (but may require more than 1 per table)