The Events Market And The Recent

Many Restaurants, Bars and other establishments are preparing to once again open their doors, although social distancing will be very much in place and reduced capacities within many venues will be the norm, Businesses are once again looking forward to getting some semblance of normality back.


Photo Booth hire has been seriously affected by the recent pandemic, the events market in general has suffered but now things are moving a little again, it’s time to think about how you will run your business under the current guidelines and how you can once again create a profitable Photo Booth Business.


One of the most important aspects of safety is to provide confidence to your customers so they can enjoy the Photo booth whilst being satisfied all measures are in place to protect them.


As a photo booth business you have to protect both Customers and staff and constantly check the guidelines provided by  WHO and your local authorities to ensure you are following correct procedures.


There will almost certainly be different guidelines within different establishments in which you will have to adhere to but it is also really important that you follow the guidelines advised to you by local authorities. Providing and using hand sanitisers is paramount during the photo booth hire and also eliminating all props from your service for now will also be necessary. This is to reduce cross contamination between guests both picking up and wearing the props. It is also advised that guests collect their own prints.


Social distancing space for guests is also a good idea, as these are uncertain times and although we are all looking forward to getting back to normal, many people are still incredibly fearful and understanding this will ensure you can run your business and give confidence to your guests.


Although operating in these uncertain times is going to be difficult and sometimes challenging,  difficulties can be overcome and businesses can once again be lucrative as long as you are prepared to plan ahead.