Weird & Wonderful Props for
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photobooth props

If you already have a photo booth you will know how important it is to have a good prop box!

Whilst we recommend buying props as cheap as possible (to avoid the cost impact if they go missing!) we can’t help but love some of the props out in the market at the moment. Here are some of our favourites, including weird, wacky, wonderful, and a few bargain props too!

Our favourite list of popular photo booth props (in no particular order)


Chicken Mask Photo Booth Prop

Chicken Mask
Bah, bah, bah, bahkaaaah!

We’re not too sure why these chicken masks have become so popular in photo booths, but guests love them! And we can’t help but admit, they do look quite funny!

Price: £12.98
Available for sale: here


Pug Mask Mask Photo Booth Prop

Pug Mask

Pugs have become the latest fashion dog craze over the past two years, so why wouldn’t you want to wear one?!

Price: £7.99
Available for sale: here


Poodle Head Mask Photo Booth Prop

Poodle Mask
Luscious Locks

Whilst we’re on the subject of dogs, this Poodle Mask is quite bizarre! But with all the loopy locks it will definitely be a funny one for guests to try on, although it is a little most costly!

Price: £15.99
Available for sale: here


Star Wars Stormtrooper Mask Photo Booth Prop

Storm Trooper Mask
The force awakens

A hit with many, this Stormtrooper mask is made from cardboard, and is only £2.48 therefore it isn’t the end of the world if it goes missing! There are also many storm trooper masks available in different materials if you are looking for something more durable.

Price: £2.48
No Longer Available 🙁


Breaking Bad Walter White Mask Photo Booth Prop

Walter White Mask

This realistic Walter White mask will certainly fool others that you have had your picture taken with the famous Bryan Cranston in a photo booth.

Price: £12.99
Available for sale: here


Dinosaur Photo Booth Prop - Top 11 Photo Booth props to have

Inflatable Dinosaur

This inflatable T-Rex is small enough in size so that it won’t take up too much room in the photo booth, but large enough to look great in pictures!

Price: £1.99
Available for sale: here


Shrek Ogre Mask Photo Booth Prop

Shrek Eye Mask
The Green Ogre

At just £2.99 this Shrek ogre mask will be popular in the photo booth with both adults and kids.

Price: £2.99
Available for sale: here


Cone Hat Photo Booth Prop

Traffic Cone Hat
You certainly won’t miss this road cone!

For some reason these silly traffic cone hats have become popular at stag dos and now at photo booths. It might have something to do with drunken behaviour on a staggering walk home through roadworks!

Price: £3.29
Available for sale: here


Halo Photo Booth Prop

Halo headband
One for the angels

One for the girls, there is nothing more innocent than a shining halo above your head! Allow your guests to feel like angels with this low cost head band.

Price: £0.99
Available for sale: here


Dart BoardHead Mask Mask Photo Booth Prop

Dartboard head mask
The human target

We’re not too sure why you would want to have a face as a dartboard, seems a bit humiliating to us! But this picture certainly had us laughing, so Im sure in your photo booth pictures would look funny too!

Price: £0.99
Available for sale: here


Batman Eye Mask
The Dark Knight

At just £2.33 these plastic Batman masks are sure to be a winner with your guests. And at this low cost, you can buy multiple of them

Price: £2.33
Available for sale: here


Shark Photo Booth Prop

Inflatable Shark
Jaws away!

This inflatable shark is already popular in the photo booth world, and at £1.65 it’s certainly a great addition to your prop box!

Price: £1.65
Available for sale: here

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