Why The classic Photo Booth Will
Never Go Out Of Fashion

The photo booth has been around for centuries but in an age of Instagram and snapchat you would think the printed photo would be obsolete but latest trends show that party hosts and guests want the original experience of the printed photograph and the album full of memories at the end of the night too.

There’s certainly no sign of a let up when it comes to photo booth hire searches on the internet and whilst many of us have smart phones and can of course use them, latest trends show that there is something quite alluring about the traditional photo booth with its swivel chair and instant photograph.

Whilst many photo booth companies are looking for better ways of doing things by using social media and new updated technology, we do know that the classic old fashioned photo booth is still the one that party hosts search for time and time again.  There are many companies supplying photo booths and they come in many variations but for many, there is simply no substitute for the typical and very classic vintage Photo booth.

Photo booth hire does not only appeal to all generations, they are particularly popular with the younger generation who are already technically savvy.  Many photo booths have the capabilities to photoshop children alongside their favorite sports teams or characters and providing a flip type book at the end of the evening adds the finishing touch.

Photo booths will continue to evolve and change but one thing is certain, the old style, classic photo booth will simply never lose its appeal and whilst it’s always good to have the latest technology to hand but by ensuring that your service offers the basics which is good equipment, fantastic quality photos and a really good attendant, you simply cannot go wrong.