How Technology Will Affect Photo
Booths Going forward

Photo booths are once again very much on the agenda as Parties and weddings prepare to set firm dates. Although we know things will be very different in more ways than one, Photo booths will once again operate and provide entertainment, all be it in a slightly different way.

Technology will play a huge role in the way Photo booth hire companies will operate and with advancements of late, Photo booths will operate in many different ways.  The contactless Photo booth will make an appearance and guests will be register prior to their arrival at the venue.  This will all be done using your smartphone and they will be given a unique QR scanner code which they present to the front of the photo booth screen when they want to take a picture.  The booth will then immediately email or text the picture to their phone as a post card sized image. This means that the Photo booth experience can and will be enjoyed at parties once again without guests actually having to touch the photo booth at all.

Other good news for Photo booth companies is the amount of bookings that potentially could come in, although many companies have taken deposits already and have photo booth bookings to fulfil, there are many people that didn’t book at all and this will create a catch up with many weddings taking place not just on a weekend but throughout the week as well.

Everything in our day to day lives is changing dramatically, the high street will never look the same, businesses, pubs and restaurants are having to find new ways of operating. Some of those ways are proving to be better than old habits but the important thing is the changes are allowing businesses to operate again and Photo booths are no different.

Many Photo booths will now operate outside where social distancing can still operate and although it’s unlikely props will be allowed for some time, technology advances mean props are incorporated as part of the software. Open air booths will become the norm and very much in demand, bringing back also the popularity of Retro Styled Photo booths.