Photobooths Robot

Bringing affordable interactive robotics into everyday use!

Utilising robots for entertainment and brand values to enhance your business and give you the cutting edge technology your customers deserve

•  No experience required
•  Easy to start
•  Low investment level
•  Finance options available
•  Easy to run and maintain

Eva Photo Robot

Imagine a Robot wondering around taking pictures of guests. Well, this is exactly what this is, Eva Photo robot will roam around the room and use facial recognition to latch onto a guest (or guests) and ask to take their picture.

Pictures that have been taken can then be shared on social media, emailed or texted as well as pictures can be printed off at the Print Station in the room (Print stations can be branded if required).

Amy Waitress

Amy waitress is an innovative functional robot that can act as an interactive assistant for any service sector. Amy waitress can carry out reception duties, deliver food and drink create an interactive shopping experience and provide consultative and informative explanations.

Imagine entering a restaurant and Amy is there to greet you, she then guides you to your table and delivers your food. For the added novelty she can also sing happy birthday to you. If this isn’t enough Amy can play music, play adverts and converse with its guests.a

Amy Waitress - Photobooths

Amy Plus

Amy Plus is a unique interactive service robot designed to enhance your hospitality experience. With the ability to engage with its audience, Amy Plus can market your brand and gather valuable data whilst being GDPR compliant. Amy Plus is a customisable robot, add your logo, greetings and knowledge database to enhance your brands’ value. weld callouts

This humanoid robot is a valuable asset at any event or hospitality gathering, she brings in attention, attraction and a novelty to consumers. With her large 23.8-inch touch screen she is able to showcase promotions, print vouchers, help with navigation, act as a guide and carry out reception duties.


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