Photobooth Frames

Any Shape, Any Size

Due to the versatile nature of our frames, we can build any photo booth, of any size. That’s what makes our frames perfect for custom build and bespoke photo booths.


All of our booths are custom designed and manufactured by our engineers at our site in the West Midlands and have recently been proven to be stronger than any other equivalent product on the market after extensive testing by engineers at Coventry University.


The systems assemble easily in under thirty minutes with full instruction given on the assembly process prior to delivery for UK orders. Overseas customers get full access to our bank of online tutorials via our members site and if required we can also give instruction via Skype conference call.

Manufactured in the UK

Patented Frame – a revolution in portable Photo Booth Technology

As Europe’s largest manufacturer of portable photo booths we are continually developing our frames and systems to ensure we stay firmly ahead of the game. Our latest frame design and fixings are both flame retardant and additionally strengthened for robustness.

The patent protected frame  design also has an adjustable screw in the end of the frame that you can adjust for tightness so your booth stays rigid and tight through-out its usage. It is worthwhile noting unlike other designs, it does not use raised plastic which wears very quickly. Our frames and fixings also undergo a rigorous testing process in addition to having been tested in over 2000 live events.