Starting Your Photo Booth Business.

Photo booths and Magic Mirrors remain popular forms of entertainment for many Events such as Weddings, Prom’s and Birthday Parties and if you are thinking of starting your own Photo Booth hire Business, choosing a reputable Photo Booth Company is paramount to your success and there are things you need to look for when making […]

Starting A Photo Booth Hire Company.

Photo booth hire remains a popular market and anyone starting their own photo booth hire company can profit from the growing market by ensuring they have a few products they can offer their customers. Party Hosts will very often want to hire more than one product and being able to offer this means you can […]

Choosing The Right Photo Booth Manufacturer.

Photo Booths are an integral part of any event and there are few events these days where they are not present. Choosing the right photo booth Company is paramount to your success and ensuring you have the right photo booth or Magic mirror Manufacturer for you can mean the difference between failure or success.   […]

The Future Trends For Photo Booths.

The future of the Photo Booths Market is very positive and is expected to grow at a considerable rate over the next five years. The rise of the market going forward is partly due to the sharing capabilities Photo booths software have on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter. GIF’S have also become incredibly […]

Starting The Best Photo Booth business

If you are seriously considering starting your own Photo Booth Business, there are certain aspects you need to pay special attention to and some of the things we think are vital and necessary, often are not. The first and most important thing to consider is choosing a reputable manufacturer to ensure the quality of the […]

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