Second Hand Photo Booth Versus
New Photo Booths.

The Magic mirror and photo booth market continues to thrive and with the variation of products out there, there is plenty to choose from for both the new and second hand photo booth market. Where and who you purchase your photo booth or magic mirror from will make all the difference to how you go forward with your business.


There are many second hand Photo booth models on the market for both photo booths and Magic mirrors and whilst some of these look attractive and seem cheaper in the long run, it is always better to purchase new from a reputable dealer. If you purchase new from the beginning you will have both peace of mind and warranty for 12 months meaning you can start your photo booth business the right way. There is also the peace of mind of the extra support and training that often isn’t available when you purchase a second hand unit.


The condition of your photo booth and magic mirror will also be really important and when purchasing second hand, you can never be sure of both the condition or what software the unit may come with. Some Models of magic mirror may have extra software transfer fees and this should always be established before purchase to ensure your purchase doesn’t end up costing more than originally thought.


There are some reputable Photo booth manufacturers that also sell used and second hand Photo booths and will offer as part of the package offer both warranty and training, always ensure this is included when making a purchase. One of the most important things when purchasing a magic mirror or photo booth is to have support from a reputable company and in the early days, this is vital to both success and longevity.