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What’s Important When Starting A Photo Booth Business

Starting a Photo Booth business can be incredibly lucrative and it can deliver high profits with very few outgoings.  It’s really important before you start your business however to do your research.   When researching areas you intend to operate in,  its important to know how many Photo booth hire companies are already operating and […]

running a photo booth business

Starting A Photo booth Hire Company

If you are thinking of starting a photo booth hire Company but are not sure in the current climate, you will have some questions before making your decision.  If you choose the right photo booth and use a reputable manufacturer, you can start and run a reputable Company.   Many photo booth Companies start their […]

Starting A PhotoBooth Hire Company

If you are thinking about starting a photo booth Company, you will have lots of questions and its knowing what are the key important features you need to be aware of when choosing a photo booth Company to purchase from.   The first question will be equipment and what you are looking to purchase, there […]

The Events Market Improves As Weddings Can Once Again Take Place

As more businesses reopen and others await dates for reopening, events are once again being planned and booked. The Photo Booth market has taken quite a hit as have other markets but there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel with many Photo Booth hire Companies reporting new bookings and […]

The Events Market And The Recent Pandemic

Many Restaurants, Bars and other establishments are preparing to once again open their doors, although social distancing will be very much in place and reduced capacities within many venues will be the norm, Businesses are once again looking forward to getting some semblance of normality back.   Photo Booth hire has been seriously affected by […]

Making A Success Of Your Photo Booth Business

The recent pandemic has meant that many establishments offering entertainment have been closed but things are moving in the right direction and many Restaurants and hotels will once again be opening up to the public, although there will be social distancing measures in place, events such as Weddings and Birthday Parties will once again take […]

How Photo Booth Companies can Survive The Covid-19 Economic Crisis

The event industry has taken a severe knock since the recent pandemic exploded and it is estimated that things will not get back to nearly normal for quite some time. The event industry in particular has been the hardest hit with Pubs, Restaurants and many other venue’s closed. Although there is light at the end […]

How Photo Booth Hire Can Thrive Through The Current Crisis

The recent Pandemic has certainly changed things in ways we could never have imagined, both our social lives and work lives have changed considerably and none of us could have predicted the outcome. Things will remain very different for some time and many believe that things will never fully be the same again. This is […]

Having The best Photo Booth Hire Packages For Your customers

The Photo booth industry continues to evolve and change and new and innovating products are coming onto the market which are offering Party Hosts an alternative to the standard Photo booth.   Party Hosts are looking for something a little different when it comes to party entertainment and they want to create a party that […]

Start Your Photo Booth Business

Photo Booths are incredibly popular and many different types of events and they help capture memories a Bride and Groom can keep forever. If you are thinking about starting your own Photo Booth business, choosing which Photo Booth to have will be your first choice. There are many Photo Booth manufacturers and choosing the right […]

Protecting Your Photo Booth Business During The Coronavirus Crisis.

Although the recent Coronavirus Crisis we all face has meant the events market will stall for a while, those Photo Booth hire companies that spend the time working on their Business in these quiet times are the ones that will benefit when we come through the other side.   Photo booth hire remains a popular […]

Starting A Photo Booth Hire Company.

Photo booth hire remains a popular market and anyone starting their own photo booth hire company can profit from the growing market by ensuring they have a few products they can offer their customers. Party Hosts will very often want to hire more than one product and being able to offer this means you can […]

Choosing The Right Photo Booth Manufacturer.

Photo Booths are an integral part of any event and there are few events these days where they are not present. Choosing the right photo booth Company is paramount to your success and ensuring you have the right photo booth or Magic mirror Manufacturer for you can mean the difference between failure or success.   […]

The Future Trends For Photo Booths.

The future of the Photo Booths Market is very positive and is expected to grow at a considerable rate over the next five years. The rise of the market going forward is partly due to the sharing capabilities Photo booths software have on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter. GIF’S have also become incredibly […]