7 Questions to Ask Your Wedding
Photo Booth Vendors

When setting up your photo booth, it’s important to have a repertoire of questions you can ask your booth suppliers. There are many factors you need to consider when it comes to finding a photo booth vendor – but some questions that are especially important to keep in mind are what type of photo booth to use, the price range you want, how many people want to take pictures, how to take notes, what types of photos you want to filmed, and how to set up the photo booth.

If you’re looking for an extra push to make sure that your photo booth is the perfect choice for your wedding, take a look at this list of 7 questions to ask your PhotoBooth vendor.

7 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photo Booth Vendors

Are the photos printed on site?

A majority of couples prefer traditional photographs printed to be used in their wedding. Some photo booths won’t print the photos on location. You may also want to know what size photographs print. In addition how many copies will it print from each image? Do you have one copy for yourself as well as one to your guests? If you are concerned about this, then make sure you look into this.

Do you offer digital print delivery?

Many photo booths give customers the option of sending your photographs directly to your mobile via either email or SMS, or printing the strips out. Certain photo booths also offer digital sharing services to your guests.

The quality and the image of photos?

There are many photo booths that are identical. It is imperative of examining the quality of photos. It’s always good to conduct a little research. What’s the lighting like? 

Look around the website of the booth you would like to visit. Are there images from real events available? Are all the images are just promotional photos that have been retouched? It’s not worth paying for a booth to take photos, and then to have your memories stored in pixelated photographs.

What will the booth appear like?

7 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photo Booth Vendors

Is it small or large? Black? Drape and pipe? A box? A cabana? Check out pictures on the site and contact the company in the event that you cannot locate images of the photo booth on the website. Brides would like to ensure that their wedding reception and wedding appear elegantly decorated. Make sure the photo booth is a an intentional part of your wedding, not just a dangling object on the side of your room.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are times when it appears that there is a mix of that black and white is the only option with prices However, ensure that you review of what’s included in the amount you pay for. Do you get set up or teardown included? What about prints? Are they part of the collection? Props? 

Are there digital copies? Don’t only look at the price at first. Do some investigation to ensure that you’re not just comparing price , but what’s included, and the level of quality in addition. It’s never enjoyable to experience an unplanned case that says “Oh, you owe an extra $200 x,y & z.”

Are you impressed by the background?

Backdrops can be a fantastic method to jazz up your photographs. It’s an excellent method to create a photo booth that looks like a unique part of your wedding reception. 

Check out the different pictures taken in different types of backdrops. Do you prefer a crisp, vibrant look? Consider white backgrounds. Do you want a backdrop that resembles something you purchased from Anthropology? 

Consider a backdrop that has many textures and colors that blend together in a dreamy type of way. Are you using a bold damask design throughout your wedding? Take it with you to the photo booth as well! There’s a way you can create a wedding appearance that is seamless in the 360 photo booth. So opt for Gold!

Are you insured for liability?

We all know that it’s an event for photos, but what’s the worst that could occur? It’s unlikely to happen however, the fact is that the majority of wedding locations require that outside companies be covered with liability insurance. This is a way to distinguish those that operate as fly-by-night enterprises from legitimate ones. 

People who run an online photo booth as a side business won’t be able to cover the cost of insurance. It is the only thing we do that we are passionate about. We live and breathe photo booths and are insured.